We've recently purchased a server we need to put us back online. We will only be factions temporarily. As our budgets grow we will put the WHOLE hub back in action. Please stay tuned guys! WE ARE NOT DEAD I REPEAT WE ARE NOT DEAD

MxPvP Status

[Host] nutbust69 aFree posted Jul 24, 14
The TeamSpeak server has been moved to Sisyphus (the main node). We are still waiting on the RAM however. I can hopefully bring the server back up here and there for some play until then. The server went under a few changes, along with being cleaned. I have optimized the Layer 3 settings in the switch to allow higher throughput on the Intel based NICs for the servers. Everything seems stable, so far. I am also looking into applying new Thermal Compound (Arctic Silver 5) to the processors to allow better heat dissipation considering the AMD chips in it are Socket F (LGA/ Land Grid Array) like Intel with no pins on the processor and a bracket to hold it in, I can do this without accidentally risk ruining the chips (AMD users will know this with the pins). I am truly sorry for the wait, but I can say the wait will be worth it, the server will run faster than ever! 

Also, we are still working on claiming the name as our own, there are ALOT of things we need to do in order to do so. At this point it will not effect the server once it is up. After this is all said and done and we have the name as our own, we are going to use a faster more stable internet connection and possibly add a few security features (firewalls and filters) after some point, which will effect the server for a short time. As I said, the wait will pay off, the server will run faster than ever!

Happy gaming
~Anthony, MxPvP
Hey guys!

You've probably already read Anthony's post about the server downtime and how MxPvP is optimizing their systems to deliver the fastest speed possible. If you haven't, read it here.

As he said, the server will be up by the end of the month at most. However, the GalaxinaRealms Network will be down for a bit longer (about another 2 weeks to the end of August). The reason why is because we are renovating. We are using more custom plugins, optimized versions of Spigot, better builds, and more features. When the server reopens it will only have 3 servers - Prison, Factions, and Minigames. The reason why is because: the server runs on donations. We cannot afford to buy more servers. But, with help from you, we will be able to expand our network in the future.

So, now hopefully you're up to speed on the status!

- SirFaizdat

P.S. I said too much...

Server downtime.

[Host] nutbust69 aFree posted Jul 16, 14
We are having some minor but serious problems with the server, we have a few things to button up and get it running once more, I hope to have it back up with in the next week or two, and at max by the end of the month. Out biggest issue is, we are finally setting up legit, meaning we are registering the MxPvP name as our own. And between that period in time we are making some changes to things like a faster/more stable internet connection, and all the high end fancy things we need to make our reliability even better. You will see the server up here and there for periods of time and it will be free to join. But, as you all have read we are taking the hub into our care, so you may get randomly disconnected without warning for things like upgrades and maintenance. We are also going to stress test the server to insure it is ready to be used like never before :P. If you see the server up and it is very laggy or sluggish you will know why. So take this as a warning, when the server is up during a stress test, this is load the server to an unrealistic load, it should pass with flying colors. 

Anthony ~MxPvP   
[COwner] SirFaizdat1 a Trust me guys, once the improvements are over, you will have the best lag-free experience evah.
Hello Miners,

DarkBeast here trying to inform you about a struggle the server is currently incountering, we are currently having issues with our servers being down. The server is not Shut Down, it should be up whiten a short amount of time. (hours,days) We will try to keep y'all informed as best as we can.


Update: Perhaps the server will be up by Thursday!
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